HappyOrNot to add touchscreens to airport feedback terminals

HappyOrNot to add touchscreens to airport feedback terminals

The feedback system using smiley and unhappy prevalent in many airports is to be extended so that customers can give more detailed responses via a touchscreen.

The company behind it, HappyOrNot, says the move will give “even greater customer feedback” and “supercharge” company’s decision making “rather than hunch-based logic” based on happy or sad reaction.

There are currently 25,000 Smiley Terminals installed in airports across the globe, which have so far received 700 million feedbacks.

The Smiley Touch is a touchscreen tablet terminal will ask a main question to gauge the satisfaction level, a follow-up question to determine the specific reasons for that and a third, open-ended question to elaborate or give open feedback.

Airports can also now make use of an enhanced reporting service giving them access to interactive data analytics to manage their service performance 24/7. It can evaluate their past and current performance, research long-term trends, and pinpoint exactly where and when a decline in customer happiness was experienced.

HappyOrNot has also introduced customisable branding packs for its Smiley Terminal and the new Smiley Touch. Designs can be based on the company’s logo.

Ville Levaniemi, HappyOrNot founder and executive vice president, said: “At HappyOrNot, we strive to innovate, providing tools to clients for the collection of even more actionable feedback so as to empower them to enhance their services. As a company specialising in feedback, we naturally apply the ever-evolving needs and requirements of our clients to our terminals and the reporting service which defines them.”

Brad Winney, president and general manager at HappyOrNot Americas, added: “The Smiley Touch represents a bold step forward for HappyOrNot, not only in that it is a modern, touchscreen device, but with our simple three-tier survey and open feedback interface, we capture much more data at scale, providing the ultimate tool for organisations looking to gain a greater understanding into customer perceptions.”

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