Carnival Cruise Line launches app for agent members of its rewards club

Carnival Cruise Line launches app for agent members of its rewards club

Carnival Cruise Line has developed a smartphone app for its rewards club to communicate with registered agents during out-of-work hours.

Agents can access their Loyalty Rocks Club account on the move to claim bookings, view accrued points, complete online training, learn about incentives and give feedback.

Carnival has about 4,800 registered agents for the loyalty club and hopes to surpass 10,000 by the end of 2018, across the mobile and desktop platforms.

The first 230 agents to download the app, which will be available on Apple and Android devices from the end of the month, will win prizes ranging from £5 to £1,000 in cash, or a cruise.

Points earned on the desktop version of the Loyalty Rocks Club are carried over if the agent also downloads the mobile version.

Iain Baillie, vice-president of international sales, said: “We have been running the Loyalty Rocks Club for just over a year but what agents have said is that it would be great if you can access this app out of work hours.

“Developing the app has been a considerable investment but we think it is the future of rewards clubs and the right thing to do.”

He said the Loyalty Rocks Club app “mirrored” the desktop version bar the “push” notifications that allows Carnival to notify agents round the clock.

A chatroom is being developing for the desktop version.

Baillie added: “We envisage people will be using both versions. Agents can communicate with each other in the chatroom and share their Carnival Cruise Line experiences and tips to increase their bookings. We want them to use this as a knowledge centre.”

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