Amadeus creates chatbot capable of completing transactions

Amadeus creates chatbot capable of completing transactions

Amadeus has developed an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot capable of processing transactions.

The bot, named @flightbot, will be trialled in Thailand and has been developed in partnership with India-based travel chatbot developer GoHero.

It is designed to connect users of messaging app LINE with travel agents by mimicking human conversation and will later be rolled out further in the Asia Pacific region.

Users on LINE can search for and befriend @flightbot via the messaging platform, chat privately with the bot and receive instant assistance for any flight-related queries.

As a bot, @flightbot will be in constant learning mode and its capabilities will develop over time. Throughout the test period, the bot will address queries related to air travel bookings, departure city and destination, and flights with the best prices, in either English or Thai.

Amadeus says the AI-powered service will also provide travel agents with a “secure and streamlined transaction process” where travellers can complete payment via the chat. And the travel tech firm believes @flightbot will become the “perfect travel companion” as it learns how to solve more problems over time.

“Connecting with travellers in a timely and intuitive manner is important in today’s increasingly connected and automated world,” said Simon Akeroyd, vice president, corporate strategy and business development, Amadeus Asia Pacific.

“With the new 24/7 bot on LINE, travellers using @flightbot will gain direct access to Amadeus’ global content and technology via Amadeus-connected travel agencies with just the touch of a button, including a wide range of available flights and options to choose from. This makes it easy and convenient for travellers to search and purchase flights whenever inspiration for travel strikes.

“Amadeus is committed to powering innovation and helping travel agencies keep pace with changing customer preferences. The development of @flightbot creates a marketplace for Amadeus’ connected travel agencies in Asia Pacific to interact with end users anytime, anywhere via their preferred messaging platform. With LINE having the strongest user base in Asia, and Thailand being one of the top three countries in the region with 33 million users, there is a huge opportunity for us to commence our pilot project and we are excited to take @flightbot to its full potential for the benefit of travel agents and travellers alike.”

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