New Virgin Hotels app aims to offer seamless and customised stays

New Virgin Hotels app aims to offer seamless and customised stays

A mobile app called Lucy has been introducted by Virgin Hotels, allowing guests to integrate their device into their hotel experience.

It will give users a seamless and customised stay by acting as a hotel assistant, fulfilling requests for services and amenities, functioning as the room thermostat, streaming personal content and other services.

Doug Carrillo, sales and marketing vice president, said: “Our mobile app, Lucy, will put guests in the captain’s chair.

“The technology will be smart and intuitive, and light the way to a more immersive experience within the hotel. We can’t wait to build upon the platform as the brand and our guests’ needs grow.”

The mobile app will also be linked to the recently announced Virgin Hotels preference program, The Know.

By completing The Know questionnaire and using Lucy, guests can request their preferences including what items they want to find in their mini bar.

Virgin Hotels’ first property opens in Chicago on January 15, 2015, with Nashville following in 2016 and New York in 2017.

Virgin Hotels continues to explore properties in cities such as Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, and London.

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