Virtual card payments now accepted for citizenM hotel bookings via GDS

Virtual card payments now accepted for citizenM hotel bookings via GDS

Hotel chain citizenM hotels is partnering with virtual payment company Conferma as it targets business travellers.

The agreement will mean any bookings made by travel agencies via GDSs can be made using the fintech firm’s Conferma Connect virtual card payment system.

Conferma Connect allows virtual card details to be sent by cardholders to the hotel by a secure email. Traditional email is not considered secure enough, and Conferma says this means some hotels still rely on fax machines.

The method involves a unique, secure card number kept and transmitted online to the hotel, eliminating the need for cardholders to have a physical card with them at check-in. Instead, when their reservation is confirmed the virtual card details are sent directly to citizenM via a Conferma Connect secure email, along with client-defined usage parameters for each booking.

Unlike traditional plastic, controls can be placed on how each virtual card is used, including what charges can be placed on the card, such as room and breakfast, the amount that can be charged, as well as the date and location where it can be used. Conferma says it offers added security for the cardholder’s money and simplifies the accounts process for hotels.

Michael Levie parter at citizenM, said: “Our customers want the freedom to be able to pay for their hotel stay using their preferred payment method and, increasingly, that isn’t cash or card, but digital alternatives like virtual cards.

“Customers expect both convenience and security and need to know that their card details will be safe from fraud. The partnership with Conferma is crucial as it allows us to provide customers with a hassle-free way to pay for their hotel stay, in the confidence that card details will never be compromised.”

Simon Barker, CEO of Conferma, added: “With Conferma Connect payments can be transmitted to a hotel’s existing computer system, eliminating the need to invest in outdated fax technology. We’re pleased to be able to support citizenM, so that they can continue to meet their customers’ needs.”

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