EasyJet ventures into insurance market

EasyJet ventures into insurance market

EasyJet has ventured into the travel insurance market in a new partnership it has announced with Collinson Group.

It will be offering customers ‘dynamic travel insurance solutions’ on its website across 13 European markets, which will be underwritten by insurance firm Zurich.

The budget airline says it “is looking to significantly change the way travel insurance is sold to customers” by tailoring products and prices to individuals.

The pricing engine uses variables such as the traveller’s destination, time of year, group size and flight add-ons to suggest a product that works for that customer.

If bookings match the profiles for winter sports, business travel or sports such as cycling or golf, customers will be presented with insurance options that cover those scenarios. And customer profiles can lead to tailored add-ons like enhanced gadget cover for families.

It can be bought as an addition to a flight or as a standalone product.

“The opportunity for airlines to focus on optimising conversion rates within the flight booking journey is huge,” the companies said.

EasyJet’s ancillary revenue director Andrew Middleton said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Collinson to sell travel insurance across Europe.”

Greg Lawson, head of travel insurance at Collinson, added: “We believe there is significant opportunity to introduce more tailored products at the point of sale, in addition to products that add greater customer engagement. We will continue to work with easyJet to create market differentiators to drive customer satisfaction and support their brand values.

The 13 European markets the product is available in are the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

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