Lufthansa extends IATA NDC direct connect with TPConnects

Lufthansa extends IATA NDC direct connect with TPConnects

Lufthansa Group Airlines has extended its International Air Transport Association (IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC) direct connect with TPConnects.

The Dubai-based travel aggregator and booking engine was the first to be certified by IATA, which is hoping to transform and simplify the way aviation products are retailed.

Lufthansa Group Airlines has been integrated directly into TPConnects B2B travel aggregator platform and online booking engine, meaning travel agents using it have access to the airline’s real-time fares and product portfolio, including ancillaries, rich media and promotional fares

They would also avoid Lufthansa’s €16 fee for booking via a traditional GDS (global distribution system).

TPConnects argues that this direct connect improves comparison capability based on product and service rather than price and increases transparency.

Rajendran Vellapalath, TPConnects’ chief executive officer, said: “As an NDC Level 3 certified travel aggregator, TPConnects is proud to connect directly to the Lufthansa Group Airlines.

“In place of toggling between different platforms, TPConnects NDC Certified Aggregator Platform allows for a single screen to help provide all of the content available across all Lufthansa Group Airline products.

“Travel agents will be able to view and compare all product options available and select the most appealing travel options across multiple fare families by being able to view all of the offers that the airline features via the NDC channels including the ancillary products like meals, excess baggage, preferred seating etc. In addition to this, travel agents can also receive personalised offers from the airlines for their customers based on complete travel history and their preferences, if they wish to be identified”.

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