Duetto and GuestCentric partner for personalised hotel deals merchandising

Duetto and GuestCentric partner for personalised hotel deals merchandising

Hotel revenue strategy specialist Duetto has agreed a partnership with marketing software developer GuestCentric to drive direct bookings through personalisation.

Hotel companies using Duetto’s recently launched personalisation application, PlayMaker, and GuestCentric’s global booking engine with be able to customize content and pricing.

The tie-up will allow hotels and resorts to merchandise in real time based on consumers’ previous booking history and shopping behaviour.

GuestCentric is the first booking solution to integrate with Duetto’s newest cloud application.

With PlayMaker, properties connect browsing behavior, demographic information, past stay history and third-party data to make instant decisions about the most relevant room types, packages and other offers.

When linked up to GuestCentric’s booking engine hotels can offer personalised experiences to increase conversion.

Marco Benvenuti, Duetto co-founder and chief marketing and strategy officer, said: “GuestCentric and Duetto share a vision for the future of hospitality, and we’re excited that our collaboration will finally make possible the true personalization our customers have sought.

“Hotels and casinos will be able to increase their booking conversion and revenue by customizing the prices, merchandising and content that potential guests — including and especially the most profitable customers in their loyalty programs — see on properties’ direct channels.”

Pedro Colaco, chief executive of GuestCentric, added: “Enabling our customers to adopt PlayMaker will give hoteliers a solution that no other booking platform currently offers.

“Our partners want to convert as many online shoppers into confirmed reservations as possible, and the ability to leverage dynamic customer data, past purchases and preferences, in real time thanks to this integration, goes further than anything to achieve that goal.”

Las Vegas-based Affinity Gaming, which operates 11 casino-hotels in four states, is the first joint customer of Duetto and GuestCentric to deploy PlayMaker.

Chief marketing officer Vincent Lentini said the application’s key functionalities, such as customising the room types that appear in the sort order when consumers are searching dates on the properties’ websites, would support Affinity’s revenue strategies.

“We have more data on our guests than ever, and even though we know which room types or loyalty rates appeal to whom, it’s not easy to manually provide that level of personalization during the booking process or test which offerings convert better than others,” Lentini said.

“Now that our digital-marketing and Revenue Strategy partners collectively support a solution like PlayMaker, we’re looking forward to getting the most out of our direct channels far more efficiently.”

PlayMaker joins Duetto’s flagship Open Pricing app, GameChanger, in the company’s lineup of solutions, along with its ScoreBoard and BlockBuster products.

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