Prestige Holidays in major web boost

Prestige Holidays is overhauling its online presence with a major focus on hotel and tour information content, search and booking facilities.

The project is being coordinated by Metafour Webworks and includes working with the Oxygen Digital for web design and systems integration.

The trip search engine will be hugely improved with the ability to search and filter holidays based on destination, facilities, activities and add-ons.

Prestige customers and agents will also have access to Empower, a Metafour-produced online booking facility.

Around 2,000 images are to be added to the operator’s content management system as well as a facility to display relevant news about each property or location.

Metafour business development director Rob Udwin, said: “The availability of online bookings on a website draws a potential customer into the booking process by showing an immediacy and giving potential clients an idea of price variables even if they end up booking by telephone.”

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