Expedia ‘in pole position to be first $100bn agency’

Expedia ‘in pole position to be first $100bn agency’

Expedia boss Mark Okerstrom said he was optimistic about growth prospects for travel and that Expedia was well positioned to become the world’s first $100 billion travel agency.

“The math and strategy are very much in our favour,” said Okerstrom when asked about Expedia’s prospects compared with those of rivals such as Airbnb and Google.

He said 2017 was a year when “the world went crazy”, as political events, terrorism and natural disasters hit people’s propensity to travel. But despite that, people were travelling more than ever, with the sector worth $1.6 trillion in 2016, he said.

Okerstrom added that Expedia was “almost done expanding our borders”. He said: “We have a few more flags to plant, but have largely completed the land grab for being present across the world.

“Now it’s time to be relevant in any markets we choose to be, so it feels like you are working with a local travel agency, being locally relevant on a global basis.

“We want to be the number one or number-two choice in any market around the world.

“We want to give you the choice to work with the market leader anywhere.”

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