Expedia expands Routehappy partnership to integrate fare rules and rich content

Expedia expands Routehappy partnership to integrate fare rules and rich content

Expedia and Routehappy have expanded their partnership to include more detailed information on flights that will be surfaced to users of the OTA’s website.

As part of a new deal announced this week Expedia will integrate Universal Product Attributes (UPAs) and Universal Ticket Attributes (UTAs) in the airfare shopping path.

For the last three years Expedia and its various brands have been using Routehappy’s scores and amenities data providing details and ratings on factors like Wi-Fi, entertainment and food.

UPAs provide rich data into the product like seat descriptions, imagery and cabin tours and UTAs provide details on ticketing rules and restrictions.

UTAs transform ATPCO and airline raw data into consumer-friendly information about fare benefits and restrictions, including seat selection, baggage allowance, and boarding priority.

Jonathan Savitch, Routehappy chief commercial officer, said: “This gives a full 360 degree view of what you are buying.

“It makes the airfare shopping experience much more like shopping for a hotel room. Expedia has made the decision that flight shopping is just too hard the way it is today.

“It’s too confusing, you have to figure out which is the best seat and have to compare the fare rules from one airline to another.

“This decision shows Expedia’s intent to make this as rich and as comprehensive for the consumer as possible.”

Savitch said Expedia will test and learn how best to integrate this data into its shopping path to optimise conversions and customer satisfaction.

Greg Schulze, senior vice president at Expedia, said: “Continuous innovation of our flight shopping experience is critical not only to consumers but our airline partners too.

“Working with Routehappy makes perfect sense, as we share the same goal of helping flight shoppers search and book flights with confidence.”

Expedia said it will prioritise the integration of Routehappy’s UPA and UTA APIs for its brands such as Travelocity, Orbitz, and Egencia as well as Expedia.com to optimise performance.

Robert Albert, chief executive of Routehappy, said: “Routehappy rich content infrastructure supports innovative airlines, distributors, and platforms across the globe that want to transform flight shopping.

“The commitment Expedia is making to modernize the flight shopping experience, making it more transparent, compelling, and differentiated for both consumers and airlines is helping drive the industry forward.

“Airlines are thrilled that Expedia, one of their most important sales channels, will be integrating their rich content UPAs and UTAs from Routehappy Hub.

“It enables them to merchandise their differentiated product attributes while providing consumers a better shopping experience.”

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