Hotelbeds Group hails growth of tours and activities arm

Hotelbeds Group tours and activities arm isango is claiming 87% growth in sales over the last four years.

This represents a compounded annual growth rate of 36%, according to the company which did not provide specific figures.

The growth in trading performance has been driven by a significant increase in the offering available on the platform, which now sells 7,500 tours and activities in more than 300 destinations worldwide.

Bookings by travellers in destination has grown by 215% in the past year, and by 640% over the last four years.

This expansion has been matched by growth in non-English language websites, which have expanded over the last three years as a proportion of the overall business.

“This business has experienced exponential growth thanks to its mission to stay ahead of the pack,” said Javier Arévalo, managing director of the group’s transfer and activities bank which oversees isango.

“The launch of a great selection of websites to fill in gaps in the travel distribution marketplace helps travellers in booking those longer, more extensive holiday packages that include tours, experiences and activities.”

Isango managing director Vinay Gupta added: “We are very proud that our hard work in understanding the needs of tourists has been successful and allowed us to become a real ‘gateway’, as our name means in the Zulu language.

“We will keep performing our best trying to shed light on the favourite cities worldwide and top attractions. We want to offer all the possibilities that form the tourist bucket list and beyond, delivering awe-inspiring travel experiences. ”

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