Ebookers reveals facial recognition technology for holiday planners

Ebookers reveals facial recognition technology for holiday planners

Ebookers.com has begun using facial recognition in a tool to help its customers plan their holidays.

Its multi-sensory SenseSational tool is designed to work out which destinations and experiences excite the holidaymaker so they can book the right trip.

Online travel agent ebookers.com says SenseSational takes the user through various stages of the travel journey, tracking the face and gaze in real-time and allowing the user to make selections without physical interaction.

It then records these selections and an algorithm calculates the findings to present the user with a “travel persona” and suggests destinations.

“New technology is revolutionising the travel sector and enabling our digital world to become a personalised, multi-sensory immersion that provides travellers with the vital ‘try before you buy’ experience,” said Mark McKenna, commercial director at ebookers.com.

“The wanderlusters of today are ever-evolving: They pursue travel that makes them feel alive, seek out experiences that shape them as people and expect more than ever from their bucket-list holidays.”

Last month, Tui released similar facial recognition technology which it plans to rollout in selected stores.

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