Travel anti-fraud group offers firms free protection from malicious emails

Travel anti-fraud group offers firms free protection from malicious emails

Travel anti-fraud group offers firms free protection from malicious emails

Anti-fraud in travel group Prevention of Fraud in Travel (PROfiT) has launched a new free Domain Main Service tool for firms.

Quad9 filters emails to prevent spam from known malicious IP addressed from entering users mailbox’s.

PROFiT estimates that 40% of all spam contains malware which enables fraud or spyware, and ransomware to be installed on to target computers.

It said there is more than one spam mail sent to every device in the world every second and it only takes one member of staff in an organisation to open a spam and the whole organisation could be infected.

He group says Quad9’s benefits to rival free or paid-for DNS is that it does not monitor email activity to gather data that it sells on to other organisations for marketing purposes.

It also has law enforcement agencies feeding malicious sites globally into the service, unlike rival’s solutions.

PROFiT said: “Please ensure that all organisations that work with you take up this free benefit to reduce their threat from cybercrime.

“Regulatory bodies and membership organisations should change their requirements to make this a mandatory condition as it is free, easy to install and prevents crime.”

PROFiT said it is helping around two travel companies each week in the UK that would not have suffered an attack if they had installed this service.

Quad9 is supported by Packethouse and IBM Security offers the following features, according to PROFiT:

• holds data on over 40 billion malicious websites and growing
• There is no impact on speed as Packethouse has invested in assets with 70 points in 40 Countries. This is set to double over the next few years.
• This service is totally private and does not monitor the content of emails or sell data onwards
• It works on OSMac and Windows
• It incorporates feeds from 18 partners including, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, Bambenek Consulting, F-Secure, mnemonic, 360Netlab, Hybrid Analysis GmbH, Proofpoint, RiskIQ, and ThreatSTOP
• It is supported by law enforcement
• It is suitable for laptops, pc’s mobile phones, and the internet of things devices such as vending machines, copiers, smart fridges, smart thermostats etc
• It uses the IP address it uses is
• It is easy to integrate and can be done so in seconds

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