WTM 2017: Codegen unveils new AI-driven personalisation engine

WTM 2017: Codegen unveils new AI-driven personalisation engine

Codegen is looking for partners to trial its new personalisation engine which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tailor recommendations to website visitors.

The technology software supplier, which offers reservations and sales platform Travelbox as its flagship system, has developed the solution as a standalone API product.

Mark Melzack, senior sales and marketing manager, said the technology is likely to appeal to OTAs or tour operators with a web presence that want to get into personalisation.

He says the technology is able to derive customer insight from their social media profiles and posts so that firms can start to personalise even before the customer has initiated a search.

“We are using AI to analyse and understand images and pick out what is important to the customer to make recommendations based on that,” he said.

“It bring product that is important to that consumer to the top of the page and drills down into personalisation and shows relevant review content.”

Codegen has its own Review Spotter system that allows users to capture customer reviews and then analyse the words to derive usable insights from the customer feedback.

The personalisation platform works optimally when the customer is logged in via a social media platform, like Facebook or Twitter.

Melzack said with new EU GDPR data rules governing how firms can use data to personalise coming in next year many more firms will use social media platforms because permission is already granted.

“All firms are looking for better ways for people logging in with social media profiles to get that rich data which helps us personalise,” he said.

“We will link via an API to get all that analysis through. Then all we have to do it match their product portfolio to that particular set of interests.”

The technology will take information posted on social media, as well as other intelligence on the customer like past bookings, other CRM data, their recent search activity and even the type of hardware they are using to customise their experience.

“The first customer is not live yet, this I straight out of research and development. We are hoping to implement it with clients soon,” said Melzack.

Codegen will launch a revamped Review Spotter platform within weeks that has been redesigned to be easier to use and to help operators better understand what clients are saying about their product.

Users will be able to analyse reviews based on key categories and keywords and use widgets to deploy the platform on their websites and non-consumer facing interfaces.

“We’ve built a completely redesigned dashboard and a totally streamlined process for adding review content so it’s easier to use,” Melzack added.

CodeGen has also developed a new dynamic cruise platform it is offering to operators and agents and has an on-going strategic partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

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