Travel websites respond to Click Here criticism

Two leading travel companies have swung into action to “Click Here” from their websites after Travolution highlighted the issue last week.

The Travolution Blog reproduced research by Alex Bainbridge from travel technology Tour CMS which named and shamed a string of travel websites still using the widely frowned-upon practice of using “Click Here” for HTML links.

Using Click Here on a site is currently against Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines, as it prevents blind users from hearing an adequate description of the link.

The exercise is often also blamed for affecting performance of ranked pages on search engines.

UK-based On the Beach Holidays, which was in fact one of the best performers on the original list, told Travolution it would remove the remaining links within days. It has since confirmed the process.

The recently launched travel portal had 1,840 Click Here links but has pledged to remove all references.

The worst offender in Bainbridge’s research was Ryanair and currently marking 63% of its indexed pages with a Click Here reference.

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