WTM 2017: New Hotelogix app strives for WhatsApp levels of usability

WTM 2017: New Hotelogix app strives for WhatsApp levels of usability

Cloud-based hotel management systems provider Hotelogix used the functionality of Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp as a benchmark for simplicity for its new mobile app.

The firm says hotels can manage their entire business via the app and claims to be the only cloud PMS in the world capable of being used by a chain of up to 300 properties.

Treebo, India’s fastest growing hotel chain which currently has 300 hotels, is a major client of Hotelogix’s.

Aditya Sanghi, chief executive and co-founder of Hotelogix, said: “The way we see this industry moving is everything going to the cloud, not just hospitality enterprises.

“And they are going to use smartphones as a tool for execution of operations and that’s what we have tried to facilitate.”

Sanghi said having staff use the app means they can work more efficiently while cutting out mistakes in entering guest details as passport details can be scanned straight in.

It also means guests can be checked in or out without having to queue at front desks and by any member of staff with access to the app.

The app can also be used by housekeeping to immediately inform the management that a room has been cleaned meaning rigid check-in times can be offered as rooms become available.

“You can check in guests from the moment rooms become available so it improves efficiency and it can all be overseen by the manager,” said Sanghi.

The app also gives hotel sales teams real-time information enabling them to make immediate reservations. Ancillary sales like city tours can also be sold and front desk updated.

“Eighty per cent hotel staff do on a regular basis can be done on the smartphone, and it can work over 3G if internet is down.”

The app is available only to existing Hotelogix hotels on Android and IoS and costs $25 per device per month.

It was piloted by 20 hotels in seven different countries including India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, UK and the US.

Sanghi said as a result of feedback from the pilot it was tweaked “to be as good as WhatsApp” for usability.

“I see no reason why hotels should not take it up. It’s a win win for everyone saving a lot of time and improving efficiency.”

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