Peakwork connects Mirai hotels to Book on Google

Peakwork connects Mirai hotels to Book on Google

Travel software specialist Peakwork has connected Mirai and its hotel partners to Book on Google to help boost B2C sales.

The interface to the new sales channel is open for any hotel worldwide.

Madrid-based Mirai offers online marketing services, booking technology, and metasearch bidding to help hoteliers optimize results and increase direct sales for more than 1,200 properties.

The new interface enables clients to book directly on Google without being redirected to the hotel or OTA’s website. According to Google and their partners, Book on Google improves the user experience, particularly on mobile devices, which Peakwork says can substantially increase conversion in many cases.

Within the three-step booking process, all booking information is securely transferred by Peakwork thanks to their PCI DSS certification and Google vendor security audited systems.

Book on Google for hotels is currently restricted to markets in the United States and the United Kingdom. More markets are set to rollout in the coming months.

Pablo Delgado, CEO of Mirai, said: “At Mirai we have prioritized the incorporation of Book on Google and with Peakwork we are proud to be among the first partners to achieve it and put it at our clients’ disposal this year. We can leverage this platform with our partners into new global point of sales opportunities.”

Annika Kessel, chief digital officer at Peakwork, added: “Many of our partners benefit from our integration to Google. Across all meta we see a clear trend from the click-out model to facilitated booking. As a technology integration partner of Google, we are proud to offer booking connectivity service to Mirai and its hotel customers.”

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