Hopper introduces Hotels feature

Hopper introduces Hotels feature

Travel app Hopper, which helps travellers find the cheapest time to fly, has expanded its service to cover hotels.

The company took to Twitter to announce its new service as it bids to become a one-stop shop for travel rather than relying on external sites to find cheap accommodation.

Hopper Hotels is designed to help bookers find the cheapest day to stay somewhere, and allows users to ‘watch’ a certain property so you can book at the cheapest time or get alerts when there are offers or price drops in your chosen destination or at your preferred hotel.

It also promises expert price predictions and  personalised tips as well as showing videos that show views from hotels or explore the rooms they have on offer.

Users can book within the app.

In a post on its website, Hopper said: “Hopper has brought the same magic to hotels that we’ve already brought to flight booking. With Hopper Hotels, you’ll get expert price predictions, money-saving tips, and personalized hotel recommendations. (Our algorithm even learns which hotels you’ll love.) Plus you can view immersive hotel stories right in the app, so you know you’re picking the perfect place — at the perfect price.”

The hotels feature has launched in New York but Hopper says it will be coming to more cities soon and predicts it will “change the way you book, fly, and stay”.

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