Rentalcars research suggests more than half of Brits prefer staycations to foreign holidays

Rentalcars research suggests more than half of Brits prefer staycations to foreign holidays

Research by suggests more than half of Britons prefer holidaying in the UK rather than travelling abroad for a package holiday or European city break.

The car rental website found that 53% of the 2,000 Brits it surveyed  said exploring their homeland was their favourite holiday. As many as 56% said they spend their main family holiday in the UK, while 11% said they travel to Spain, and 7% said they are most likely to visit France.

Poor exchange rates only deterred 21% of Brits who prefer to travel abroad, according to the research, while the remaining 79% said it had made no difference to their intentions.

Natural disasters were the top concern for Brits travelling abroad, with 50% saying hurricanes and earthquakes worry them most, while 35 per cent said they worried about contracting food poisoning in a foreign country. More than a quarter (26%) said they worried about becoming a victim of theft, while 18 per cent said they worried about not being able to speak the language.

Terror threats influenced the choice of destination for 23% those surveyed while 57% said it had no impact.

Flight delays and compensation made 37% think twice about booking flights abroad but 62% said they would not be deterred.

The survey also analysed the average amount Brits spend on their holidays. Almost a third (30%) of those surveyed said their holidays typically cost more than £700 per person, while 15% said their holidays cost more than £300 per person while 6% spent less than £200 per person.

The reasons why Brits chose staycations included exploring the British landscape (20%), having no language barrier (20%), the food (16%) and being able to watch their TV shows (7%).

London was the most popular destination for a UK holiday, with 21% saying the capital would be their number one choice for a long trip, while 15% preferred a seaside resort. Cornwall was the preferred long break for 12%.

For short trips. the South Coast came out on top with 21% saying they would choose destinations such as Dorset and Sussex for a weekend break.

Dan Robb, chief marketing officer at, said: “It is refreshing to see Brits making the most of the many beautiful locations we have on our doorstep. The UK is packed with exciting cities, stunning beaches and outstanding areas of natural beauty, so it is not surprising to see so many Brits are choosing to spend their holidays closer to home.”

Top five UK holiday destinations (long break)

  1. London (21%)
  2. Traditional seaside town (15%)
  3. Cornwall (12%)
  4. Lake District (10%)
  5. South Coast (10%)

Top five UK holiday destinations (short break)

  1. South Coast (21%)
  2. Cornwall (14%)
  3. Lake District (12%)
  4. Wales (11%)
  5. Yorkshire (10%)

Best aspects of holidays in the UK

  1. No language barrier (20%)
  2. British landscape and countryside (20%)
  3. Traditional English food (16%)
  4. Being able to catch up on favourite TV shows (7%)
  5. No baggage restrictions (6%)

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