Finnair chooses Amadeus as provider of new API

Finnair chooses Amadeus as provider of new API

Finnair has chosen Amadeus to provide its API that it hopes will help drive further bookings via mobile.

The tech company says its software can make travel bookings easier and more flexible, especially in mobile – which accounts for a quarter of Finnair bookings.

“We want to make the shopping experience more intuitive and enjoyable for our customers,” says Jaron Millner, vice president of direct business at Finnair.

“The Amadeus Digital API gives us the flexibility we have been looking for, and allows us to develop the booking experience together with our customers to find the booking and shopping flow that works best for them.”

Amadeus says its technology can deliver booking experiences according to customer requirements and without the need to follow the common airline booking sequence.

Shopping carts and sessions will remain open for several months, meaning travellers can start shopping for flights at, close their session, and pick up where they left off to finish their booking.

In the future, this capability will also enable Finnair customers to access their shopping cart from different devices; for example, one can start a booking on a smartphone, and finish it on another device a few days or several weeks later.

“This API was developed in direct response to airline needs,” says Manuel Midon, head of airlines in Northern and Western Europe for Amadeus Airlines. “It gives airlines the ownership to design and build the booking flow that they want, in line with the digital retailing experience expected by today’s travellers.”

The Amadeus Digital API powers the retailing experience of Finnair’s mobile site The interface is being rolled out progressively to Finnair travellers all over the world on a market by market basis.

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