Hotelchamp and Derbysoft combine to drive meta traffic to hotels and increase conversions

Hotelchamp and Derbysoft combine to drive meta traffic to hotels and increase conversions

Direct booking marketing platform Hotelchamp and hospitality distribution specialist Derbysoft have announced a partnership to boost hotel website traffic conversion.

The two firms said the tie-up under which both will promote each other’s products “kills two birds with one stone” by improving both the quantity of traffic from metasearch and quality of conversion on hotels’ own-brand websites.

Derbysoft co-founder and chief executive Ted Zhang, said: “We are pleased to work with Hotelchamp for our Metasearch Manager.

“Our customers can benefit from Hotelchamp’s solution in terms of boosting more direct bookings on their brand .com.

“Our Metasearch Manager helps hotels to bid and optimise their presence on different metasearch channels, and finally drive more traffic to their brand .com.

“However, our dilemma is we can’t help hotels to optimise their website performance, and the overall user experience of hotel brand .com plays a big role on the conversion rate.

“Fortunately, Hotelchamp’s solution is perfect for us and our customers. We will work together to serve our customers, helping them to generate more revenues from direct bookings.”

Kristian Valk, chief executive of Hotelchamp, added: “Derbysoft has been one of the leading technology providers in the hospitality industry since 2002.

“It is an honour to complement their advanced solution and work side-by-side to support our mutual clients.

Thanks to Derbysoft’s metasearch solution, it has never been so easy for hoteliers to generate traffic to their website, which is the first crucial step toward direct bookings.

“Hotelchamp maximises the value of this traffic, ensuring the actual booking happens through the hotel’s website. This mutual integration is a win-win situation for all our customers.”

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