CityStasher launches in Paris

CityStasher launches in Paris

Baggage storage aggregator CityStasher – which bills itself as the ‘Airbnb of luggage’ – has launched in Paris.

The firm links hosts, such as hotels, who look after luggage to people who want to drop off their bags and lighten their loads.

It has more than 150 ‘Stashpoints’ including around 100 in the UK and its first overseas Stashpoint in Amsterdam, which launched earlier this year.

Aiming to disrupt the traditional left luggage firms at train and coach stations, CityStasher is targeting tourists and day-trippers offering prices for all-day or shorter periods of time.

Now, four businesses in central Paris have signed up to the CityStasher network, including Hotel Esmerelda on Rue Saint-Julien Le Pauvre and Cvette Victoria on Rue St Martin.

The expansion took the total number of StashPoints in the CityStasher network to over 150. CityStasher aims to have 30 locations in Paris by December.

Matt Majewski, one of the CityStasher founders, said: “We’re delighted to be putting our European expansion plan into action. We’ve wanted to move into Paris for a while, and are extremely proud to have reached our goal such a short time after launching in the UK. It’s a huge testament to the demand for our offering that we’re expanding so quickly.

“We are looking forward to growing our Paris network and expanding into more European cities over the coming months, so that Brits will have a trusted solution to use when they arrive for their holidays.”

Over thirty-five thousand bags have been stashed in total via the CityStasher network across the UK, Amsterdam, and Paris.

Company profile: CityStasher

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