Tipped.com launches mobile social networking

A former head of mobile for MSN in the UK is behind a new social networking site for visitors to hotels and restaurants in the UK.

Joel Brazil, who left MSN earlier this year, launched Tipped.com this week into a burgeoning market for review sites which allow users to rate other members and interact with one another.

Tipped.com is currently in beta but has developed a mobile platform to allow users to view their member pages and those of friends registered with the system.

An application to give members the ability to carry out some of the functionality of the site within their Facebook pages is also in development and expected to be launched in the next few weeks.

Brazil said: “The potential for an online review community, which also encompasses mobile, is huge.

“Twenty-five million UK internet users search for local businesses online each month – we recognised that often consumers are on the move when they need to locate a business or service, hence the thinking behind Tipped mobi.”

“With the number of regular UK mobile internet users set to increase from 10 to 30 million over the next four years, we hope that the Tipped community grows and creates value for all consumers.”

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