Trivago establishes subsidiary to foster better relations with independent hotels

Trivago establishes subsidiary to foster better relations with independent hotels

Expedia-owned hotel metaseach website Trivago has created  a new division tasked solely with developing partnerships with independent hoteliers.

Trivago Hotel Relations will focus on helping hoteliers around the world to be more competitive online and to drive more direct bookings through their hotel websites.

Johannes Thomas, managing director and chief revenue officer, said: “With this step we are accelerating our ability to scale an exceptionally skilled international salesforce and build stronger ties with hoteliers.

“It enables us to work even closer with hoteliers and better support them in making their direct marketing successful.”

He added: “We’ve seen significant success in our hotel direct business over the past two years.

“At the same time, we learned that scaling a sales organisation requires a different culture, operating mode, and set of talents compared to a technology organisation.

“We believe that being a dedicated company provides it with the necessary freedom to determine its own identity.”

Trivago Hotel Relations is based in Düsseldorf, Germany, and will be the entity responsible for trivago’s relationships with over 310,000 hoteliers around the world.

The wholly-owned company will open with over 160 employees from 21 countries and aims to grow its team in 2018.

Trivago said the different requirements of a tech organisation and those of a sales organisation inspired the decision to set up a dedicated sales subsidiary that can create its own identity, culture, and employer branding.

Instead of recruiting engineers, the new company aims to recruit the top sales talents from around the globe.

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