reports five-fold increase in ‘anywhere’ and one-way flight searches reports five-fold increase in ‘anywhere’ and one-way flight searches

Flights website claims to have seen a five-fold increase in non-destination specific ‘anywhere’ searches so far this year.

The site says between January and September it saw one-way and searches using its ‘take me anywhere’ function rise by 500%.

It says this could be a sign of Brits becoming more adventurous and fears that looking Brexit could see air fares rise.

The most popular destination for a one-way ticket was New York, followed by Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, according to data from the flight booking website.

Figures showed people were following through on these more spontaneous searches, with more than one in ten booking from the list of available locations. spokesperson Alison Couper said: ‘An increasing number of travellers are looking to escape and create incredible new experiences regardless of the destination.

“Be it families, couples or lone travellers, the ‘anywhere’ feature is perfect for anyone who want to escape on a budget.

“Our numbers go to show Brits have an increasingly modern world view and are willing to travel out of their comfort zone.”

Trends point to a growing number of people want an unforgettable experience as much as they do a getaway from the monotony of daily life and work.

This has seen the rise of ‘surprise holiday’ companies who take care of every facet of a traveller’s holiday – including flights, accommodation and activities – for a fixed fee.

In return, holidaymakers have no idea where they are going or what they are doing until they arrive at the airport, said

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