New look regional pages for dealchecker

New look regional pages for dealchecker

Travel deals website dealchecker has launched new look regional deals pages to help users target their nearest departure points.

Dealcheckers will be able to select a region or a specific airport to suit their travel requirements, and searches and newsletters will be targeted to suit.

The dealchecker team reviewed flight and holiday search patterns during August on a regional basis and then compared these to the national average.

The results revealed Northern Ireland searches were among the most prolific for flights and holiday deals, with London and the South West following close behind. The most search-happy passengers were looking for departures from Belfast, Teeside, Inverness, London City and Humberside.

Of the larger airports; Heathrow attracted the most searches per user. Smaller airports with the least searches per user were Liverpool, Glasgow and Stansted.

It was also revealed that Wednesdays and Sundays are the most popular days to search for flights and holidays.

Evening searches were most popular, with 6pm until 9pm and the later slot; 9pm until midnight the two most popular times of day to search for flights.

Alice Mariscotti-Wyatt, editor at dealchecker said: “dealchecker is committed to helping our travel partners target highly qualified travel leads. Investigating this data has thrown up some interesting results. dealchecker now has tailored regional search pages and we regularly regionalise our newsletter sends.

“Sharing information like this with the wider travel community helps us, our partners and potential partners to find those leads and target their marketing activity to suit.”

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