Hotelchamp partners with BeCurious

Hotelchamp partners with BeCurious

Hotel web design agency BeCurious has partnered with booking platform Hotelchamp, which aims to boost direct bookings.

Hotelchamp’s solution will work alongside BeCurious’s template-based websites to help hoteliers take back control of their own website and direct revenue.

The firms hope that hotels will increase direct booking revenue and online conversion rates by integrating the platform with “state-of-the-art” website design.

“We are delighted to work together with the Hotelchamp team to improve the conversion rates of our hotel partners. Hotelchamp offers a great toolset that complements the website-related services of BeCurious Hotel Internet Marketing,” said Thomas Dieben, managing director of BeCurious.

Kristian Valk, chief executive of Hotelchamp, added: “Partnering with BeCurious is a great opportunity for Hotelchamp. By joining forces, we can provide hoteliers with unrivalled support and expert control of their website and direct bookings strategy.”

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