Adventures and Tours to use Travelwhere’s white label aggregator

Adventures and Tours to use Travelwhere’s white label aggregator

The Travel Village’s adventures and tours division will be the first brand to use Travelwhere’s white label aggregation platform.

Agents at Adventures and Tours, and visitors to its new website, can use the keyword search on Toursearch to browse more than 5,000 itineraries offered by 10 operators.

Search results can be filtered by price, duration and operator. Agents have an additional feature to deep-link directly into the relevant tour in the operator’s website.

In a joint statement, Phil Nuttall, managing director of the Travel Village Group and Dan Hadfield, who has handled the development of Adventures & Tours website, said: “We’ve chosen Toursearch because in terms of the consumer, it’s incredibly powerful and easy to use. Our customers can search for any subject that relates to their interests and Toursearch will display relevant tours and adventures.”

Visitors to the Adventures and Tours website can also browse hundreds of destination ideas to look for inspiration. Tours that include the featured destination – and operators who put together those itineraries – are dynamically displayed for each destination.

“From either feature, consumers are encouraged to contact the sales advisors in the Adventure and Tours call centre by phone, email or live chat to start a dialogue,” explained Ian Champness, founder of Travelwhere.

“Choosing and booking an escorted or private tour involves much more research and many more decisions than a mainstream holiday resort package,” he added.

“These are not holidays that lend themselves to being booked independently. Most consumers need advice, have lots of questions and don’t want to risk booking a £5,000+ faraway tour themselves without Atol protection. This is why many would-be touring and adventure holidaymakers recognise the benefit in asking an agent they trust to do all the legwork: to give them the added-value of their advice, expertise and knowledge in recommending where to go and which operator to book with.

“Agents want to get their share and be part of the touring and adventure sector as it continues to grow in a similar way to how cruising and river cruising has grown in recent years. Visionary agents are recognising the opportunity and growth in these high value, high commission bookings – but they also recognise their sales agents need to have information at their fingertips when suggesting a destination and the operator most suited to match their client’s individual needs.”

The White Label platform has been designed as a one-stop search and sales tool to help agents and their clients quickly find tours on offer in the shortest time possible, and to improve conversion rates. Travelwhere claims it will save customers, and agents, hours of research time.

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