Trainline adds foreign language websites amid international expansion

Trainline adds foreign language websites amid international expansion

Online rail ticketing firm Trainline is adding more foreign language websites as part of international expansion.

The company is adding 11 new websites, with nine additional languages and prices displayed in 15 new currencies.

The move marks the company’s increasing focus on northern, central and eastern Europe, Asia and The Americas.

The new languages are Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Polish and Mandarin Chinese.

This brings the total languages available on the platform to 14, accessible on Trainline’s desktop and mobile websites, as well as its iOS and Android apps.

The new platform coverage means that the company will be able to boost its offering for rail travellers worldwide, allowing customers to book journeys in their own language and see prices in their own currency.

Trainline is already established in 173 countries, selling tickets on behalf of 87 different providers.

The new capabilities reflect a strategy to build a one-stop shop for global rail travel.

Trainline International general manager Daniel Beutler said: “We’re focused on making rail journeys smarter for people worldwide.

“Providing customers across the globe with access to our industry-leading product in their own language makes the entire travel experience more intuitive, encouraging people to opt for rail over other modes of transport, such as air.

“We’re committed to growing the global rail market and this is another step towards ensuring that train will always be the transport mode of choice.”

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