Sabre launches foreign rail booking tool for UK agents

Sabre Travel Network is developing a rail booking product, the Sabre Rail Platform, which will allow UK travel agents to book tickets on various European rail companies.

UK travel agents have been able to book UK National Rail services through the Sabre GDS since October 2006 using Harry Weeks Travel’s Evolvi rail booking product.

Sabre is now beta testing the integration of this product into the Sabre Rail Platform, which will be available to all UK travel agencies by the end of the year.

Sabre plans to integrate Deutsche Bahn and SNCF next year, followed by rail operators in Belgium, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and North America.

Sabre has hailed the system the “world’s first universal rail booking product”.

But Amadeus points out that it has a long listed international rail inventory in its system and announced a function in June whereby agents on one country could book tickets from a rail operator in another country.

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