Tripfuser offers agents commissions for booking bespoke experiences

Tripfuser offers agents commissions for booking bespoke experiences

Travel agents can earn commission using a new trip planning platform that puts them in touch with local experts.

Tripfuser claims to offer an ‘unprecedented level of personalisation’ through a marketplace that offers bespoke travel planning.

Matt Beard, founder and chief executive of Tripfuser described the service the platform offers as an industry first.

He said: “Tripfuser is the first major travel platform to offer this level of bespoke travel planning, which allows agents direct access to an open marketplace so they can provide varied and competitive proposals for their clients.

“We created this platform to offer significant added value to agents and their clients. To date, it has been challenging for travel agents to find custom product tailored to their clients’ interests without being in the destination to speak with locals directly.

“Agents can now provide a higher level of service to clients looking for a bespoke itinerary catering to their individual preferences.”

Tripfuser works by allowing agents to create a wish list for their clients or by searching product on the platform’s trip gallery.

Experiences can then be booked as advertised in the site or personalised prior to booking after client requirements are shared directly with local experts based.

Travel agents define how many Trip Plans they’d like to receive (each from a different Local Expert) as well as how quickly they’d like to receive them.

Inbuilt chat allows a direct dialogue between the travel agent and local expert to finalise the trip.

The platform is fully mobile-optimised and has been designed to cater to every kind of Traveller, from those flying solo who want high adventure, families travelling with children, groups seeking foodie and cultural experiences, and more.

Tripfuser also offers budget-friendly as well as luxury options for Travellers. Nepal and Vietnam are currently live on the platform, with Cambodia, Thailand and more destinations to launch in the coming months.

Agents can contact Tripfuser direct through

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