Business Travel Direct unveils predictive analysis tool for travel managers

Business Travel Direct unveils predictive analysis tool for travel managers

A tool to provide travel managers with predictive analysis to help formulate travel policy changes has been introduced by Business Travel Direct.

SMARTInsight has the ability to model various scenarios based on real data using actual spend and traveller behaviour.

With the system, the travel management company claims to be able to instantly manipulate data to show the impact of changes such as class of travel, advance purchase, preferred carriers, products used, online or off line booking over any selected periods of time.

The data is simplified into visual illustrations of potential savings so that travel managers can quickly see the potential impact of changes and speed up the decision making process.

The TMC is incorporating SMARTInsight into its account management review procedures to highlight potential savings and recommend steps such as policy changes that travel managers can take to achieve maximum value from budgets.

Managing director, Julie Oliver, said: “We see SMARTInsight as the next generation of analytics. It is an essential tool in our mission to provide a pro-active business management service.

“Rather than overwhelming travel managers with mountains of management reports, we amalgamate the data into this tool and simplify data analysis. We can use the tool to model various scenarios and get instant answers.”

She added: “We are doing away with the ‘what if’ conversations where a travel manager asks what would happen if something was changed.

“In the past, we would have had to come back to the office, crunch numbers and go back to the client with the information they wanted.

“With SMARTInsight we can do this while we are sitting with the client and give them clarity on the impact of future behaviour and spend.

“The beauty of the product is that it uses the actual data we have gathered for individual clients and so enables us to create unique solutions.”

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