SAS to offer global Wi-Fi through iPass deal

SAS to offer global Wi-Fi through iPass deal

Global Wi-Fi is to be offered by SAS through an extended deal with global mobile connectivity provider iPass.

Passengers will be able to buy monthly access to the iPass global Wi-Fi network as a standalone service through the Scandinavian carrier.

This will give them unlimited access to Wi-Fi hotspots in locations such as airports, hotels, cafés and restaurants worldwide.

The partnership is to be expanded so the five million SAS EuroBonus loyalty members earn points from the purchase of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Gary Griffiths, chief executive of iPass, said: “SAS is taking an exciting step in becoming the first airline to offer truly global connectivity to its customers, and we hope it won’t be the last.

“Internet connectivity has become another essential service demanded by travellers, just like car hire and accommodation, and it could become an important new revenue stream and competitive differentiator in this hotly contested market.

“SAS is getting out ahead of the pack by enabling business and leisure travelers to stay connected.

The airline’s brand and marketing vice president, Didrik Fjeldstad, added: “We already know the value of offering global wi-fi connectivity to our employees.

“We are delighted to be the first airline to offer our customers unlimited global wi-fi, helping them to stay connected without running up huge mobile roaming bills.

“Time matters for our travellers, and we keep finding solutions that will make the travel easier. We look forward to extending the offering of the services to other customer segments in the coming months.”

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