Expedia develops “Stay Off Social” tool to help holidaymakers take digital time out

Expedia develops “Stay Off Social” tool to help holidaymakers take digital time out

Expedia has released a tool that will update users’ social profiles automatically so they don’t have to take time out of their holiday.

The Stay Off Social tool posts social media updates which are unique to the users’ location.

Alex Platts, commercial director brand Expedia EMEA, said: “Although people have said that social media can ruin their holiday experiences, it seems it is still a significant aspect of their trip.

“With the overload of holiday selfies and the obvious fixation with sharing holiday experience online, it seems people are overlooking the importance of relaxing and living in the moment whilst on holiday.”

Data released by Expedia has revealed that the average Brit spends over nine hours during a week-long holiday updating their social media accounts.

Nearly half of the 2,000 participants in a survey agreed they have missed out on vital holiday experiences because of time spent on social media.

When they upload photos, they were very particular about which photos made the cut: over a third admitted they had to take three to four photos before sharing one on social media.

An astonishing 10% of respondents admitted to taking up to 15 photos to achieve the perfect holiday selfie.

One in four people admitted they paid more attention than normal to their social media accounts whilst on holiday.

Whilst many people stated that sharing experiences and saving memories is the main motivation to post on social media, over a quarter of those surveyed admitted that they utilised social media purely to boast about their time away from the daily grind.

Over 60% of people felt they will use their mobile even more while holidaying in the EU.

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