Artificial intelligence driven chatbot for airlines launched by InterGlobe

Artificial intelligence driven chatbot for airlines launched by InterGlobe

India-based InterGlobe Technologies has launched the first of its artificial intelligence driven reservation chatbots for airlines.

Named ARC (Airline Reservation Chatbot), the chatbot is designed to deliver flight booking and customer service via a chat platform.

ARC enables natural language conversations with travellers, providing reservation services and real-time information.

IGT said the technology has the potential to open up additional revenue channels for airlines.

ARC is aimed at airlines looking to generate revenue and reduce costs via social, serve travellers better by fulfilling their flight booking and support requests.

Vipul Doshi, chief executive of InterGlobe Technologies, said: “The digital impact on travel has transformed every place, device, interaction and experience into a critical touch point.

“For travel companies to remain competitive they need pivotal initiatives to accelerate service and cost savings with new channel capabilities.

“The launch of our chatbot is reflective of the digital transition and push towards big data and AI in the Travel industry.

“IGT is at the forefront of these changes and we’re meeting these advances headfirst.”

IGT says it will look to integrate other robotic and automation technologies in future versions of ARC like baggage tracking.

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