Google updates its Hotels and Flights apps

Google updates its Hotels and Flights apps

Google Flights has introduced a ‘Dates’ tab in a calendar format to help customers compare prices against dates.

Cheapest prices are highlighted in green and the most expensive are in red and users are encouraged to swipe across the screen (on mobile) to see how prices vary over time.

The feature will be rolled out on desktop later this year.

The move shows the search giant’s continued commitment to its in-built travel apps, which include Flights  and Hotels.

There has been long-running concerns among OTAs that that Google will make a concerted effort in travel by promoting its own products above those of third parties.

Google’s Hotel search has also been updated, with a nightly rate in its calendar view showing a similar grid of prices as the Dates tab in Flights.

Users can see price trends for hotels to see patterns in how its changes.

In another update to hotels, Google has introduced a feature – already used by other OTAs – that shows hotels on a map by price.

A similar feature has also been added for airports, so that users can see the distance between the airport and their final destination and compare prices with that information in mind.

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