Triometric releases Trio Express for NDC

Triometric releases Trio Express for NDC

Web analytics specialist Triometric this week announced the release of Trio Express for NDC, a new version of its XML analytics platform customised for airline distribution.

This solution is designed to give airlines easy access via dashboards, reports and alerts to the business insight residing in their search and booking message streams flowing through their direct connect APIs.

It intends to show airlines real time metrics for tracking operational performance of their APIs and provide them with “actionable business insights”.

The insight is designed to help airlines better understand their customers, respond with relevant offers and regain control over the customer relationship and  take advantage of indirect retailing opportunities enabled by IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC).

NDC revolves around a new communication standard based on XML which is already widely used by the online travel industry, Triometric says.

The self-service solution analyses all requests and replies from large search and booking data sets to deliver performance and business insights. Users can view dashboards and reports, drill down to the source of issues or receive alerts and use the insights gained to make decisions.

The insights is designed to help airlines with NDC enabled APIs to:

  • Monitor and manage their API  activity and connectivity performance
  • Optimise their operational performance including response times
  • Monitor and manage any message errors such as mapping issues
  • Manage their inventory pricing in line with demand
  • Track their Look-to-Book ratios against routes and distribution partners
  • Make assessments about which distribution channels deliver the best returns
  • Monitor market trends and buying behaviour as it happens, and for future planning

“We are delighted to be apply our wealth of XML analytic experience to the needs of the airline industry and bring a version of our analytics solution to those airlines implementing NDC. By leveraging the flexibility and reliability of our Cloud environment and with a unique business model, we are delighted to be able to bring the power of XML analytics to airlines in an accessible and affordable way,” said Matthew Goulden, CEO of Triometric.

Trio Express is based on the technical architecture of the Trio Enterprise platform, designed for both large and smaller scale users.

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