OpenJaw and Routehappy integrate to help airlines move over to NDC

OpenJaw and Routehappy integrate to help airlines move over to NDC

A partnership has been struck between OpenJaw and Routehappy in a move to give airlines access to greater merchandising capabilities and match personalized offers with targeted content.

OpenJaw’s t-Retail platform is to be integrated with Routehappy Hub across multiple channels.

Consumers and travel agents will be able to see more targeted and transparent offers, the firms said in a media statement. Agents can use the integrated platforms to upsell, improve conversion, and sell ancillaries.

The t-Retail platform meets Iata’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards and Routehappy Hub is used to create, manage, and deliver highly-targeted “rich content” such as descriptive text, icons, photos, 360° virtual tours, videos, or links to more information.

OpenJaw and Routehappy says they want to make it easier for airlines and distribution partners to embrace the new retailing standards “as the industry moves towards NDC” and say that aligning both platforms means there is more encouragement for airlines to adopt NDC merchandising.

Airlines already using OpenJaw will be able to incorporate Routehappy’s content and match it to dynamic pricing and offers, with the same for Routehappy subscribed airlines that want to utilize OpenJaw.

“Partnering with Routehappy enables our airline clients to deliver rich content across all channels,” said Kieron Branagan chief executive of OpenJaw. “Providing rich image-led product content at all points of sale, both direct and indirect, aids conversion by ensuring that the traveler will be able to make a more informed purchasing decision, wherever they shop. The partnership with Routehappy will enhance OpenJaw Technologies’ ability to deliver rich content to airline customers via IATA NDC enabled channel partners.”

“Visually engaging, targeted, and personalized merchandising benefits the entire industry. Airlines can increase upsell and conversion, while having more control over their brand; and flyers and agents receive detailed, compelling content that makes the flight shopping experience easier and more relevant,” said Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy. “Both Routehappy and OpenJaw’s technology are moving the industry away from commoditized to differentiated, and together our platforms will further benefit the ecosystem and encourage more useful NDC merchandising.”

The platform integration has come at the request of mutual airline customers and is expected to be completed later this year.

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