Ryanair introduces voice-recognition booking and reveals slimline seats

Ryanair introduces voice-recognition booking and reveals slimline seats

Customers will be able to use Alexa voice recognition technology to search for flights on Ryanair’s website, the airline has announced.

It can also be used to check flight statuses and search for hotels on the low cost carrier’s website, chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs announced during a trip to London.

The new technology was announced as part of the airline’s latest raft of changes in its Always Getting Better initiative.

New ‘slimline’ seats have also been revealed, which will add an extra inch of legroom when coupled with a Boeing re-design of the 737 to give customers 31 inches of space – which Ryanair says is more than both British Airways and Lufthansa.

The seats, made by Zodiac, will on its Boeing 737 MAX ‘Gamechanger’ aircraft from spring 2019. Boeing’s redesign includes removing the rear gallery and relocating two rear toilets into that space – creating more space in overhead lockers and adding eight more seats, taking the capacity of the aircraft from 189 to 197.

The airline flew its billionth passenger in July.

Jacobs said: “From today, Alexa voice recognition is available on Ryanair.com, allowing customers to search for flights and hotels, or check on the status of their flights, all through voice recognition technology. We’re also pleased that our new Boeing 737 MAX ‘Gamechanger’ aircraft will feature new ergonomic slimline seats designed by Zodiac, which will further increase legroom to 31 inches.”

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