Copenhagen airport passengers to be offered unlimited data access worldwide

Copenhagen airport passengers to be offered unlimited data access worldwide

Passengers using Copenhagen airport are to be offered unlimited data access millions of hotspots worldwide as part of new Wi-Fi service powered by iPass.

The travel Wi-Fi connection will be offered as a one, two, three or six-month subscription, with no time or usage limits.

Prices start at about $16 with users able to access the service on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, and connect up to three devices at a time.

The application will also provide automatic connectivity in the background, and users will not have to contend with advertising or splash screens, according to providers Mobilise Technology and iPass.

Users will be able to log into secure Wi-Fi access at airports, hotels, aircraft, train stations, convention centres, outdoor venues and public spaces, in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Copenhagen airport is the largest in Scandinavia, handling 29 million passengers a year.

Airport spokesman Jan Zacho said: “We see global Wi-Fi connectivity as a real value-add for people passing through our airport.

“We believe our Wi-Fi travel service will be a hit with passengers, and we see it as a great additional source of revenue as the demand for wi-fi continues to soar.”

Mobilise Technology founder and chief executive, Hamish White, said: “This implementation of Mobilise hotstpots demonstrates how airports can benefit from offering global Wi-Fi services to passengers – creating new revenue streams and enhancing engagement with customers in the airport.”

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