Travelport releases new technology to support passengers facing disruption [Infographic]

Travelport releases new technology to support passengers facing disruption [Infographic]

New technology to support passengers of airline disruption was released yesterday.

Travelport Resolve enables travellers to select and book hotels when flights are cancelled or delayed on their mobile devices.

The system is designed to work seamlessly with airline re-booking processes without the need for paperwork.

This enables airlines to react to disruption by immediately communicating with passengers after an itinerary change.

They can then use their mobile device to select and book a place to stay from available local accommodation options.

Travelport air commerce senior vice president and managing director, Derek Sharp, said: “With a few simple touches on their mobile device, Travelport helps disrupted passengers to bypass the frustration of hotel and meal voucher lines and quickly be on their way to a comfortable hotel room.

“For airlines, Travelport Resolve helps carriers improve customer service performance during disruptions, avoiding serious damage to their brand and opportunities to build their relationships with affected customers.”

The system has been developed from an idea developed in the Travelport Labs Accelerator programme.

Travelport Resolve provides airlines with insights into hotel-related costs, room usage, passenger status and activity patterns, with up-to-the-minute reporting tools that analyse the true cost of disruption and identify improvements an airline can make.


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