Paxport embraces NDC to distribute BA flights

Paxport embraces NDC to distribute BA flights

Iata strategic partner Paxport is to distribute British Airways flights and ancillaries by taking advantage of the airline trade body’s New Distribution Capability.

The partnership also allows Paxport to provide value added content to customers through its Merchandising Distribution System.

This delivers targeted ancillary products and services that are relevant to customers and their travel choices.

BA content will be integrated into Paxport’s booking solutions, including FindandBook and PaxShop.

In addition to search and book capabilities, the partnership will allow Paxport to offer booking servicing functionality via the NDC connection.

Paxport commercial director Mats Torebrandt said: “This is an exciting development for Paxport as we redefine the relationship between all parts of the travel value chain, and we are delighted to be working with British Airways.

“In addition to distribution, the further options available via our MDS solution provide our customers with access to high yield ancillary products such as pre-booked seats, custom in-flight services and duty-free purchases, delivering another dimension to this development.

“Passengers increasingly expect travel enhancing services and are willing to pay for them, and our experience in this field is second to none.”

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