Thomas Cook Airlines turns to tablets and smartphones for its on-board entertainment

Thomas Cook Airlines turns to tablets and smartphones for its on-board entertainment

Thomas Cook Airlines has announced a new entertainment system that its passengers can use from their own personal devices.

Sunstream can be used to watch TV and films, read magazines or listen to music. They can also use it to book excursions tailored to their destination and download an individualised tour guide to use during their holiday.

The service, which will be launched this summer, also includes access to in-flight duty free shopping service Airshoppen – through which products can be delivered to passengers’ seats.

A chat function to talk to friends and family on the ground is set to be intergrated later this summer.

Gareth Sutton, director of product at Thomas Cook Group Airlines said: “This fantastic technology provides quality and convenient entertainment for customers who want to relax and get in the holiday spirit. We’re working hard on creative ideas that make leisure flying fun, from our pre-order duty free service Airshoppen, to upgraded cabin interiors, and digital, personalised entertainment systems such as this new offer on short and medium-haul flights. It perfectly complements our onboard entertainment on long haul which has been a great success since its introduction in 2014.”


To use Sunstream, customers download a free app and turn their mobile devices on to flight mode. During the cruise part of the flight, they can activate WiFi on their device to connect to the Sunstream server. Destination. Access costs £4/4EUR per user per flight or £15/15EUR for a family bundle.

Thomas Cook Group Airlines is set to gradually introduce the mobile entertainment system across its entire fleet. Currently, almost 70 percent of its 65-strong short and medium-haul fleet is offering the new system. In the UK specifically, 21 out of its 26 short and medium-haul aircraft feature it.

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