First two agents sign up to pilot Sujester travel inspiration tool

First two agents sign up to pilot Sujester travel inspiration tool

Start-up Sujester, a travel inspiration desktop tool for agents, has revealed the identities of the first two trade partners that will pilot its technology.

Mark Bratt Travel and Travel Four Seasons will use the web platform online and within its retail stores.

The technology captures clients’ long-term travel aspirations and matches this with personalised inspirational content.

Sujester provides travel “moments”, essentially destination experiences, images and descriptions which customers and trade partners can curate.

Sahil Shah, chief executive of Sujester, said: “Sujester is an easy, cost-effective way for travel agencies to provide a ‘first in class’ digital strategy and retain and increase customers.

“By providing customers value at the beginning of their journey at the inspiration stage, and understanding their wider needs and desires, these agencies can provide a more personalised service, leading to better online and offline customer experience.”

The brainchild of Andy Owen-Jones, founder of Bd4travel, the Sujester concept was originally launched as a tablet app but has been turned into a web app.

It is now being headed up by Shah who Owen-Jones previously mentored when he was running start-up point-to-point trip planning app TripSnapp.

Mark Bratt, owner of Mark Bratt Travel, said: “We’ve been on the hunt for a travel inspiration tool for some time.

“Sujester will help to create a more seamless path from online research to human support and expertise. What’s more, they’ve really considered the customer retention aspect with their unique travel planner.”

Sean Fletcher, director of Travel Four Seasons, added: “Travel Four Seasons is really excited to be part of this development as it will enable independent agents such as ourselves to further develop our digital presence that will enhance our ability to provide inspiration to our customers and better capture their wider dreams.”

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