Travelport tech promises quicker agent hotel bookings

Travelport tech promises quicker agent hotel bookings

Travelport is moving to drive speedier hotel bookings from agents with a new technology tool.

Hotel Retail is designed to gives agents an expert method for delivering a personalised customer experience enabling increased hotel attachment rates within a simplified workflow.

It claims to enable bookings to be made in a few commands, while its graphical nature makes it easily navigable by novice agents.

Hotel Retail allows agents to stay within their workflow by delivering all they need in one place.

The tool is fully integrated into Travelport’s platform, and gives Smartpoint-connected agencies seamless access to multiple rate types, hotel details, amenities and location information.

Hotel Retail will initially be available through Travelport Marketplace for Apollo-user agencies from later this month and Worldspan agencies from the fourth quarter of the year in the US and Canada.

Further countries as well as use by Galileo agencies will happen over the next six months, the company said.

Other elements of Hotel Retail include:
• A differentiated, content-rich graphical interface, featuring side-by-side rate comparisons, including best available, negotiated and consortium rates.
• Access to new Travelport exclusive rates and other hotel tariffs. Soon to also include rates from other hotel aggregators, providing agents with a full overview of the best option for their travellers.
• Fully integrated map-driven and in-map search capabilities, enabling agents to manipulate existing search results or create new searches from ‘pin drops’ within the map to visually differentiate hotels based on traveller location requests and points of interest
• Simplified guest booking based on clear views of included amenities and traveller profiles.

Travelport global hospitality and digital vice president and managing director, Niklas Andreen, said: “We are delighted to launch an easy to use, efficient way for agents to drive extra revenue for their business.

“Hotel Retail is a real timesaver for agents, providing productivity and workflow benefits as they no longer need to rely on multiple rate searches in multiple places nor websites and mapping applications outside their workflow to locate the most relevant hotel with the best rates for their customers.”

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