Dolphin Dynamics embarks on major user experience update of its technology

Dolphin Dynamics embarks on major user experience update of its technology

Dolphin Dynamics has embarked on a next generation user experience project that will give its reservation and booking management system a major architectural modernisation.

The project, that will take years to complete focuses on incorporating the latest UI technologies.

Dolphin said this will result in a new and easier way to navigate through the system offering user a more streamlined journey.

The project is underway and currently in its first release. The initial focus has been on integrating the new technology and applying it to the hotel search results area.

Next phases will see it expand and deliver a more streamlined user journey which will redefine the roles and functionality of the point of sale versus the more administrative area of the system.

While initially focused on the sales side of the system, over the longer term the back-office functions will be overhauled.

Chuck Richardson, managing director of Dolphin Dynamics, stated: “We’ve held a number of focus groups with existing customers to get feedback on some of the ideas we are considering and we will be conducting further focus groups and usability testing as we go along. Embracing the latest technology, we use the Agile way of developing which greatly reduces development timelines and cost of deployment.’

Roberto Da Re, chief executiveand founder of Dolphin Dynamics, added: ‘The role and the way travel consultants work at the point of sale has changed dramatically over the last few years with the increased fragmentation of content and the evolution in selling techniques, trends that we believe will continue.

“We feel that investing in a platform restructure focused on the user experience and usability, will allow us not only to remain current and adapt more quickly to market changes, but also fulfil our mission to deliver competitive advantage to our customers. This is our fifth major platform restructure and shows our continued commitment to innovation.’

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