New tech platform will transform easyJet into an ecommerce business, says boss McCall

New tech platform will transform easyJet into an ecommerce business, says boss McCall

EasyJet will roll out a new retail-focussed website next year which it claims will put the budget airline at the forefront of ecommerce in the sector.

The carrier is working with software company SAP Hybris whose website states its technology offers “a consistent and relevant experience to customers across every channel and on every device”.

Speaking at a Business Lunch put on by Travolution parent Travel Weekly and hosted by Google, easyJet chief executive Dame Carolyn McCall said:

“It allows us to be an ecommerce platform rather than an airline platform. It’s something I do not think any other airline would be able to do. It’s a retail oriented way of selling. That’s very exciting.”

McCall said customers will be offered bundles of products and special offers and that it was a big change for the airline.

Asked whether easyJet was considering selling other airlines on its website as Ryanair has started doing with Air Europa, McCall said this was not on the radar.

“It’s something we have looked at bit it’s not a priority for us. It’s not something we want to be diverted to do because it’s not a dial shifter.

“Other airlines would love to be on because we have 350 million visitors a year.”

McCall said honing the experience on its mobile app are the kind of things it prioritises over selling other airlines.

Asked what the firm’s plans are in leisure travel for its easyJet Holidays brand which is currently run by Hotelbeds division Hotelopia under the accommodation provider’s Atol licence, McCall said it was being reviewed.

A three year-deal with Hotelopia, which took over from the now failed Lowcost Travel Group in 2014, is coming up for renewal.

McCall said: “It’s something that we have thought about quite a lot but it’s never been as front of mind as it should be when you are dealing with 78 million passengers.

“It’s important but it’s never been up there. To make it successful it has to be someone’s real top priority.

“We are going through a process to see how we are going to do that. We have to give it its own bottom line. It has to be separated a little because the main business will overwhelm it.”

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