Wealthy users turning to travel sites

New research indicates that a quarter of web users in the UK come from households with a £50,000+ income – and they typically browse travel and finance sites.

The study by internet measurement and research group Nielsen NetRatings showed the Virgin Atlantic website has 42% of its users who are browsing at home and work are earning over £50,000.

This translates to around 183,000 unique users a month on the carrier’s UK site, the study revealed.

The same survey for home-only users found the InterContinental Hotel Group, Flairview Travel Network and Hilton website all had around 30% in the £50,000+ bracket.

Barclays Business Banking topped the home and work chart with 59%. American Express scored 37% in the home-only list.

Travel information website Transport for London featured in the respective lists, grabbing 42% and 33%.

Alex Burmaster, Internet Analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings, “A variety of sectors are represented through sites with the largest concentration of wealthy visitors.

“Whilst business and finance brands are expected, many will be surprised to see the number of travel-related brands – which cover flights, hotels or just getting around London!”

Top ten Home and Work brands and % of audience earning £50k:

Barclays Business Banking – 59%
Companies House – 53%
Interactive Investor
Arsenal FC

CareerBuilder Network
Transport for London
Virgin Airlines
American Express

Top ten Home brands and % of audience earning £50k:

American Express – 37%
Transport for London – 33%
Sainsbury’s – 32%
Cricinfo – 31%
Dabs – 31%
Liverpool FC – 31%
InterContinental Hotels Group – 30%
Club Penguin – 30%
Flairview Travel Network – 30%
Hilton – 30%

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