EasyJet offers flight information via Amazon Alexa

EasyJet offers flight information via Amazon Alexa

Passengers will be able to check their easyJet flight status via Amazon Alexa.

It claims to be the first European airline to provide an Amazon Alexa ‘skill’ – an in-built capability that enables users to interact with devices, like Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, using their voice.

EasyJet travellers can now start a conversation by saying, “Alexa, open easyJet”, and check the latest arrival and departure information of their flight.

If a passenger knows their flight number they can ask for the live flight status.

Alexa will be able to help find it provided the passenger knows their departure airport and destination.

The budget carrier’s digital and marketing director James Millett said: “With the growing popularity of Alexa and Amazon’s Echo products, this new skill is an easy, efficient and innovative way for customers to check flight status.”

Fabrice Rousseau, general manager, Alexa Skills Kit EU, added: “This new skill makes life easier for customers flying on easyJet.

“Checking a flight’s status normally means having to use a phone or computer, but now you can simply ask Alexa and get an instant response from easyJet. This is a more natural interaction.”

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